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ARIA Technologies was founded in 1990 in Paris to respond to a single concern, the atmospheric environment, through numerical simulation of applied meteorology and the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere. This single-focused specialization has enabled ARIA Technologies to build a comprehensive team of scientists, engineers and environment specialists, who bring together the knowledge of fluid dynamics, meteorology, atmospheric science and chemistry, applied computing, database management, and geographic information systems (GIS). ARIA Technologies strengthens its competence through its continuing collaboration with Europe's leading laboratories in the area of modeling (IPSL, NCAR, EDF, CNRS,…). It addresses its task through two complementary approaches: design and development of computer-based simulation systems; studies and consulting services. By implementing and developing its own tools, ARIA can confidently guarantee the quality of its response to its clients' requirements.




CLIMPACT was founded in 2003 by climate experts and is now the European leader on Climate Business Intelligence. Based on the observation that 70% of the economy is “weather-sensitive”, CLIMPACT is Climate Competitiveness’s instigator: understand, measure and anticipate climate hazard on activities in order to gain competitiveness.

CLIMPACT relies on a 23-person team to propose its offer, Weather Competitivity Services, allowing companies to convert, for every product or service, meteorological fluctuation into competitive assets. The WCS offer is aimed at every economic sector sensitive to meteorological variations: mass consumption, distribution, farming, transport, insurance, industry, services, energy, textile industry, leisure, tourism, health,…

Leading companies in their industry have implemented the CLIMPACT competitive climate services in the context of their strategy to improve performance (Nestle Waters, Bonduelle, Lactalis, Merial, Unilever, Fidelia, Saunier Duval,  ...). Climpact has also developed expertise on projects of impact and climate change adaptation by developing competence in the handling and analysis of IPCC projections for French institutional investors such as ADEME or international such as The United Nations Programme for the Environment.