Le sujet de la 7eme conférence GEWEX porte sur les ressources en eau, leurs extrêmes et sensibilité au climat.Elle se tiendra du 14 au 17 juillet 2014 à The Hague (Netherlands).

Site officiel: http://www.gewexevents.org/


The increasing demand for fresh water and the impacts of climate change on water availability and extreme events highlight why water is a current major global concern and is “Trending Now.” The 7th International Scientific Conference on the Global Water and Energy Cycle will celebrate 25 years of GEWEX research and set the stage for the next phase of research addressing the World Climate Research Programme Grand Challenges on water resources, extremes, and climate sensitivity through observations and data sets; their analyses; process studies; model development and exploitation; applications, technology transfer to operational results, and research capacity development; and training for the next generation of scientists. Papers will be invited for all the topics of the Conference, which include: (1) the climate system; (2) land; and (3) atmosphere. The full description of sessions with conveners is available here.